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of a lifetime

Unique, Dynamic and Verifiably Rare NFT Collectables
Mint an Ethemeral

Meet the Ethemerals

Anime inspired female warriors, birthed from the souls of the top ranking cryptocurrencies and beautifully handcrafted by our talented artists. Adopt one now and enter the interactive Kingdom of The Ethemerals!

Crypto Sweat and Tears

These dynamic playable characters are based on every coin in the top 100 rankings. Bitcoin, Ethereum, Uniswap, Polkadot... Even lesser known coins are beautifully brought to life.

Enter the Metaverse

Your Ethemeral is the key that unlocks an ecosystem of cryptocurrency related games and an interactive world to explore and conquer

Collectable Ownable Tradeable

Limited and scarce native assets on the Ethereum blockchain. Available to be traded on the marketplace and secondary markets such as

For Honor and Glory!

Test your resolve. Only the skilled and determined climb the rankings, gain Honor Points and earn $ELF rewards

Blood on the Streets

Ethemerals are ruthless. Stake your Honor Points. There is no mercy, no second chances. Angel and Reaper Ethemerals are waiting on the sidelines. Proceed with caution!

Collectable Sets

Owning certain Ethemerals unlocks set bonuses and redeemable one of a kind NFTs. 100s of combinations to be discovered

icon initial supply

Initial Supply

100 unique Ethemeral classes released at launch, with a maximum of 10 editions each. Total 1000 Initial Supply

icon inflation

Inflation Rate

A new Ethemeral class will become mintable once a cryptocurrency enters the top 100 CoinMarketcap rankings or community voted coins. Batched in seasons

icon total supply

Total Supply

A Maximum 840 Ethemeral classes, with 10 editions each, for a total of 8400 will ever be mintable. Claim your piece of the kingdom now!


The Kingdom of the Ethemerals needs you! Send your Ethemerals into battle to gain ranks, earn rewards and honor points. Only the skilled and degenerates will rise to greatness.

Eternal Battle

Stake your Ethemerals Honor Points and join the eternal battle between cryptocurrencies. Outcomes are based on price action from Chainlink, Uniswap and other onchain oracles


Settle those scores, jump into the PvP arena and battle other players for keeps. One on one matches or group battles. Create your very own perfect portfolio of Ethemerals.

Boss Raids

Invaders are approaching the Kingdom! Gather your Ethemerals, stand beside your allies and defend this sacred land.

ethemeral logo with wings

Play to Earn

Ethemerals earn $ELF each time they are sent to battle. Rewards increase based on how well they performed. A percentage of the rewards are allocated to the Highest Honor fund Redeemable by top ranking Ethemerals.


Introducing the Ethemeral Life Force Token

Ethemeral Life Force (ELF) flows within each Ethemeral and is an integral part of the ecosystem. ELF holders will be able to revive damaged Ethemerals, mint at a discount, purchase land and items and much more.

Ethemerals are born with a fixed amount of ELF and gain more by engaging in battle. Players are able to redeem the locked ELF from their Ethemerals.

ELF are native Ethereum ERC20 tokens and do not have monetary value but are used to incentivize community participation.

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Participate in battles to earn ELF. Climb the rankings for a chance to redeem the Highest Honor reward

icon_heart icon


ELF holders and liquidity providers can lock up their tokens to earn ELF

icon_gov icon


Bonus Ethemeral coin classes, art and design upgrades and ecosystem changes can be voted on by ELF holders

icon_payment icon


ELF will be accepted as payment within the Kingdom of the Ethemerals. Future land sales and items can be purchased with ELF

Trade $ELF on Uniswap Exchange

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elf metric piechart

40% Gameplay Rewards

The majority of ELF tokens will be locked within the core contract and can only be redeemed as rewards to active players.

30% - Liquidity

Locked for liquidity on Uniswap and other exchanges. Staking and farming bonuses

30% - Community

To promote community involvement, an ELF fund is reserved for bug bounties, artists, community managers and community developers extending NFT gameplay contracts and ecosystem.


Join our rapidly growing community of players, chat with the devs and artists, interact with other players and have your say in shaping the future of the Kingdom of the Ethemerals.

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Chat live with the Ethemeral community, artist and developers

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Follow @Ethemerals for the latest news and announcements

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Check out work in progress character designs and art submissions

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Contribute and develop the future of the Kingdom of the Ethemerals

About the Team

Kingdom of the Ethemerals is an ongoing project, created by a small talented team of Developers and Artists from around the globe. We strive to create beautiful and unique NFT assets to collect and enjoy!

We are committed to creating an engaging universe and to build a vibrant community of players, traders, artists and collectors.

To get in touch, send an email to


Q3 2021

- ELF mainnet launch
- Core NFT mainnet launch
- App update and integration
- The Graph integration
- Marketing and social media push
- 100 Mintable Ethemeral classes available


- Early Adoptors rewards air dropped
- Continued work on equip able items and pets
- Start Community voting on the next Ethemeral Coins


- ⚔️ Eternal Battle Contract deployed ⚔️
- Start design of 2nd set of 1000 mintable Ethemerals (the next 200 characters)


- Commission artists to create 1 of 1 NFT artworks. Rewards for holding certain special sets of Ethemerals. Freely tradable
- Commission artist to create full anime depictions of the Ethemerals, part of the dynamic levelling system


- Start artwork on the 2nd set of Ethemerals
- Continue to work on a primary marketplace (everything will still be available on from the get go)
- ELF Liquidity locked and available for trading

2022 and Beyond

- ⚔️ Into the Wilds Contract deployed⚔️ more details to come
- Gen2 Ethemerals Released!
- Continued work on building the Ethemerals Metaverse and real time interactive games.